Roll Service

SIWACO is a competent partner in terms of roll service, repairs incl. Re-rolling of food rolls.
From around 200 years of IRLE GROUP experience, we are very familiar with the wear behavior and the ability to repair and optimize rolls for the food industry.

The technical advice regarding the optimal service for your rollers is an essential part of our service offer.


Our offered services

Refurbishment and repair of Food rolls, i.e.:

  • State of the art entry inspection with defining the scope of the service and repair
  • Re-grinding of roll barrel and establishing the roll body end relief
  • Repair of cracks or spallings on roll body edges
  • Repair of roll shafts with potential spray coatings on bearing seats or replacement of damaged shafts
  • Re-corrugation of cracking mill rolls. Defining and controlling the specifications of the flutes. Single tool method is used.
  • Cleaning and servicing of thermal controlled rolls. High precision grinding of all different roll body shapes.
  • Dyn. Balancing of rolls
  • Preparation of detailed inspection reports